Where Do Contract Lawyers Work?


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Contract Attorneys: Where Can You Find Them?

If you have never worked with a contract attorney near you before, you probably have a lot of questions. No doubt one of those is about where they work. After all, if you are going to find a contract lawyer, you need to know where to look. So, where do these lawyers tend to work? As it ends up, many places.

Contract Lawyers Can Work for a Law Firm

Law firms can be specialized or general, with lawyers from multiple specialties all working under the same roof. Contract law practices are incredibly rare, which means that when these attorneys work for a law firm, it is usually a more general practice. Contract lawyers may be tenured with the firm or work with them on a contractual basis.

Contract Lawyers Might Work at Their Own Law Firm

The majority of lawyers have the ability to work in contract law due to their training. It is common for attorneys to start their own firm focusing on another specialty and then practice contract law on the side to supplement their income or help round out their firm’s profits each month. For some lawyers who see significant success working in contract law, they might make it the primary focus on their practice.

Contract Lawyers Can Work for a Corporation

Large corporations need numerous contracts on an ongoing basis. While they can work from templates, they still need many of their contracts carefully reviewed before they are given to the other party and signed. These businesses may have an in-house contract lawyer, making it easy for them to have their contracts reviewed and new templates drafted whenever they are needed.

Contract Lawyers Might Work From Home

While we tend not to think of lawyers when talking about freelancers, there are freelance contract attorneys who work from home. These contract lawyers may work through online platforms and boutique marketplaces or they may work directly for others as independent contractors.

Contract Lawyers Enjoy Flexibility

One of the reasons lawyers are called to practice contract law is that it gives them a lot of flexibility. The fact that they can practice from pretty much anywhere allows them to move to a new city more easily or handle various life transitions without worrying about finding a position at a firm right away. Of course, many contract attorneys specifically choose contract law because they have a passion for it and the way it can help clients like you.

Connecting With Quality Contract Lawyers Near You

If you need help drafting contracts, creating templates, or reviewing those you already have, a contract lawyer near you can help. Connect with them through Contracts Counsel, a boutique marketplace that puts you in contact with vetted attorneys who understand the ins and outs of writing a solid contract and ensuring it complies with state and federal laws. Find an attorney who understands your industry on ContractsCounsel.com.

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