Freelance Contract Lawyers: Is That a Thing?


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What is a Freelance Contract Attorney?

Small business owners and start-up companies know that every decision they make has to be about their bottom line. Whenever possible, they need to outsource tasks and work with freelancers. But what about when it comes to legal matters? Are freelance contract lawyers a thing?

Understanding What a Freelancer Is

Pretty much any profession can be done on a freelance basis. In essence, freelancers are independent contractors who either work from home or a remote location. They might call themselves consultants, virtual employees, and virtual professionals, just to name a few. The key is that they are not tied to a single employer and have significant flexibility in their work.

How Freelancing Works for Contract Lawyers

When someone is a freelance contract lawyer, they generally work remotely, though some might offer to come to a job site on an as-needed basis. They can connect with clients through their own websites or through online marketplaces, such as With this setup, contract lawyers can work with clients throughout their state, across the country, or even around the globe, depending on their licensing and areas of specialty.

How Freelance Contract Lawyers Differ From Those at a Law Firm

When a law firm hires a contract lawyer, they expect them to be available full time and strictly to their clients. When working with a firm, these lawyers charge higher rates because they only keep a percentage and must build the firm’s cut into their rate.

Freelance contract lawyers might work with law firms, but as independent contractors. This gives them greater flexibility in their time, what clients they work with, and what they charge. However, many do not partner with firms, choosing to work from home with individual clients instead.

When to Hire a Freelance Contract Lawyer

The great thing about working with a freelance contract lawyer is you only have to turn to them when you have an active need. You do not pay to retain their services, and it is fine to go months without working with them. Whenever you need a new contract drafted, an old one reviewed, or assistance with enforcing one, seek out a freelance contract lawyer.

Know the Pros and Cons of Selecting a Freelance Contract Lawyer

The biggest benefits of opting for freelance contract lawyers over those with a law firm are the savings to you. Not only do they charger lower rates, but they don’t require regular payments or retainers to keep their time available to you.

When you opt to go freelance, you also have a lot of flexibility. You can work with a lawyer and if they don’t seem to be a good fit, move on to another. It is perfectly acceptable to switch counsel when it is the right decision for you.

The primary disadvantage of going freelance is that learning the quirks of your business and needs can take time, and when a lawyer is with you on a freelance basis, they may never get the chance to know your company intimately as an in-house lawyer would. However, you can select those with experience in your industry to ensure they are well positioned for easy onboarding.

Secure Your Business With a Vetted Freelance Contract Lawyer Near You

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