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Discover services our marketplace supports

Hire for short-term or long-term work

One-Time Project

Execute a single project  with a trusted lawyer.

One-Off project at reduced rate

Find a lawyer at a competitive rate for a on-time contract project.

Receive multiple proposals

Find a lawyer at a competitive rate for a on-time contract project.

Hire the right lawyer

Find a lawyer at a competitive rate for a on-time contract project.

Recurring Work

Hire for routine work to support your legal efforts.

Predictable cost structure

Monthly block of hours or contracts at a reduced rate for routine needs.

Interview multiple candidates

Review proposals from multiple candidates and interview before hiring

Work at reduced rate

Recurring monthly work will help you secure a reduced rate from our lawyers.

Services our contract lawyers support

Contract Drafting

Prepare legal contracts

Flat-fee rates to draft a custom contract from industry experts.

Custom to your business

Create contracts that work for your business and comply with your industry.

Contract Review

Analyze legal contracts

Find a trusted lawyer to review contracts for redlines or recommendations.

Get advice from an expert

Hire a lawyer that understands your industry and can make informed recommendations.

Contract Negotiation

Negotiate with confidence

Our trusted lawyers can coach you or negotiate on your behalf.

Legal help through transaction

Negotiating on your own can create unnecessary risk.

Contract Dispute

Breach of contract

If you find yourself in a potential dispute, find an expert who can help.

Assess exposure and risk

Our lawyers can review your case and assess the best course of action.


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