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Contract Negotiation

Our lawyers help businesses and individuals negotiate all types of transactions. ContractCounsel’s approach makes hiring a lawyer to help you negotiate affordable so you don’t have to handle a transaction alone.

ContractsCounsel’s approach is below:

  • Post your project in our marketplace in a few clicks.

  • Hire a lawyer that fits your project and budget.

  • Schedule a call to discuss your pending transaction and priorities.

  • Your lawyer will review the contract and coach you through the back-n-forth.

  • Work with your lawyer until you are satisfied with your contract and ready to sign.

Review Multiple Attorneys to help Negotiate

ContractCounsel has hundreds of lawyers registered in our platform.

Find the best lawyer to help you negotiate your contract.

Work with Industry Experts

ContractCounsel's lawyer audience covers a wide range of industries.

Get expert negotiation services from lawyers that specialize in the industry you work in.

Save Money with Lower Fees

Legal fees are high across the industry because law firms have partnership pools and overhead.

Save 50% - 60% with ContractsCounsel since our lawyers do not have big law firm overhead.

What our Users are Saying

“ContractsCounsel suited my need perfectly, and I really appreciate the work to get me a price that worked with my budget and the scope of work.”

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Get Proposals Today Using ContractCounsel's Platform

Here is how it works:


  • Create a free account with your email.

  • Enter your project details in three quick steps.

  • Access your project's bid page from your Dashboard.

  • Review your bids and hire the best lawyer for your project.

Trusted Contract Lawyers

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